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The Best Pet Safe Indoor Plants for Your Home

We all love getting our home filled with plants; they are great for air purification and just add that brightness feel to a room. If you have pets and are concerned about the toxicity of your plants, then follow this guide for some pet friendly plants.

Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

· African Violets - these small plants are suitable for most homes. They require minimal attention and need a well-lit space but away from direct sunlight. Water when the soil is dry, and you’ll have a happy flowering plant for many seasons.

· Pitcher Plants - insect eating plants, such as the pitcher plant, are a fascinating addition to any home. Keep them topped up with water and in a full sun position.

· Lucky Bamboo - described as ‘nearly indestructible’ luck bamboo is excellent for home offices with good light.

· Money Tree - perfect for the patio, the money plant is said to bring good fortune to any home. If grown inside, make sure the spot has plenty of sunlight.

· Boston Fern - an extremely popular indoor plant, the Boston Fern needs good humidity, so spray it with a misting bottle at least once a week. They are perfect for hanging baskets.

· Bromeliads - a very versatile plant, they have varying light tolerances, so you can easily find a variety that suits your home. Being a tropical plant, they prefer high humidity.

· Spider Plant - almost a staple of the indoor plants, the spider plant has a reputation for being unkillable. Place it in a hanging basket and enjoy the ‘spiders’ that it will occasionally send out - as a bonus you can cultivate it easily.

· Calathea - these have a wonderful like painted foliage; they require good indoor light and the soil must be kept moist at all times. They are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, as they like high humidity.

· Aluminium Plant - a cold loving plant, they prefer temperatures of around 15-23C, and indirect sunlight. Keep them moist in the summer, but don't allow them to sit in water.

· Moth Orchid - a stunning addition to any home. Moth orchids come in a variety of colours and style your lifestyle. Keep them well watered but don’t allow the roots to sit in water.

· Ponytail Palm - these are actually succulents, and generally prefer dry conditions and good quality sunlight. Place them outside in the summer.

Poisonous Plants for Dogs and Cats

There are also many household plants that can be very dangerous to dogs and cats if they happen to eat them, some of these include:

· Peace Lily - these contain calcium oxalate crystals which can be very bad for your pet. Symptoms include oral irritation, difficulty swallowing and excessive drooling.

· Pothos - usually sold as a hard to kill plants, these plants also contain calcium oxalate crystals in its leaves.

· Aloe Vera - while an excellent plant for humans, it can be toxic to cats and dogs. Symptoms to look for include vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors and a change in urine colour.

If you're buying plants for your house and you have pets, do some research on what is a good fit for your homeland your babies!

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