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Best Low Maintenance Plants for Bathrooms

Of all the rooms in our home, our bathroom is one of the only rooms we’re guaranteed to need to hang out in at least once a day (usually more). So, why not liven it up with some awesome plants? There are plenty of plants that are well suited to the high-humidity atmosphere that bathrooms usually promote. So, without further ado, grab your towel and let’s jump into our blog post featuring the best low maintenance plants for bathrooms.

Bird’s Nest Fern

This is seriously such a cool plant. It gets its name from a habit of growing in the crooks of tall rainforest trees. Their roots in tropical Asia and tropical Africa make them the perfect plant to thrive in a humid steam-filled bathroom. They prefer filtered or indirect light so you can pop them on the windowsill behind a half-opened blind, or on a shelf that catches a little sunlight throughout the day. Their bright green fronds can grow quite tall so they’re an amazing addition to any room in the house, including the bathroom.


These gorgeous greens come in a wide array of colours and shapes so they’re the perfect decorative piece to light up your life (or your bathroom, at the very least). Also known as the Baby Rubber Plant, this is a smol bby that doesn’t need much maintenance, just your ongoing love and support as it slowly grows into a beautiful adult. It has quite fleshy, succulent-like leaves so it doesn’t need consistent watering and it LOVES humidity. It’s the perfect beginner bathroom buddy.

Zanzibar Plant

This plant is one hardy sucker! You can literally leave it months without watering, and it will just keep on keeping on. Its glossy, dark green leaves are the perfect statement piece for a neutral coloured bathroom and the shape of its stems is just exquisite. As with most of the plants on this list, the Zanzibar Plant prefers indirect sunlight, so keeping it in your bathroom and out of the harsh sun will only help to extend its life span.


These little guys are sometimes called “crab cactus” because their stems are segmented like crab legs. They produce gorgeous flowers in shades of pink, red, purple and orange. If exposed to warm, high light environments, the flowers may take on yellow tones as well. You can mix and match colours to create a stunning sunset themed arrangement. They love to hang about in suspended basket. This is because they’re usually found high up in trees in their natural rainforest environments.

Peace Lily

A classic house plant, the Peace Lily thrives just about anywhere. They can really take the design of a modern bathroom up a notch and they actually help to cleanse the air throughout the home. With big, bold leaves and distinctively gorgeous white flowers, these killer queens are not friendly to pets, so if you let your fur babies into your bathroom, it’s best to keep these plants out of reach or preferably outside to avoid any curious nibbles.

All in all, the best low maintenance plants for bathrooms are usually plants that are hardy, love a humid atmosphere and enjoy a little sunlight, but not too much. Do you have a favourite plant to keep in your bathroom that we left off this list? We’d love to hear about your plant family.

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