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How to Love your Fiddle Leaf Fig

How to Care for the Fiddle Leaf Fig

Despite being one of the most commonly adopted houseplants, Fiddle Leaf Figs aren’t the easiest plant babies to care for. They require a level of love and attention that isn’t quite of the highest standard, but they need a little more care than, say, a Spider Plant or some of the Pothos varieties. If you’re thinking of taking in a Fiddle Leaf Fig, have a quick read through this guide before you do so to make sure you have the time and effort to put towards caring for this gorgeous specimen. Let’s find out how to care for Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees…


Fiddle Leaf Figs absolutely love a warm, humid environment. Because of this, it’s imperative that they are placed in an area that is out of reach of drafts that could come in from air vents or under doorways. They also require regular watering and a fair amount of light.

Placing your Fiddle Leaf near or directly in front of a southern or western facing window is going to ensure a bright, warm space for your baby. It’s the perfect place for them to make themselves right at home. Avoid locations with low light at all costs. This big-leafed fig needs its time in the spotlight.

Fiddle Leafs can grow up to 6ft in height, even indoors, if proper care is provided. That’s taller than a lot of people! So, you’ll need to be careful not to restrict its growth by placing it in a cramped area. Let it grow wild and free in a sunny, open area in your living or dining room. It’s the perfect plant for a large foyer as well. It will happily greet your guests upon entry into your home or office.


As mentioned briefly above, Fiddle Leaf Figs need a fair amount of water in order to keep happy and healthy. They don’t like to be drowned though, so as a rule of thumb, wait until the top layer of soil in their pot is dry, then give them a nice drink. Lukewarm or room temperature water works best as cold water can send plants into shock.

Try not to move them around from room to room too often as doing so could cause their leaves to drop. They don’t like huge amounts of change. They will benefit from rotation every so often though. About once a week it’s a good idea to gently turn their pots to face a new direction. This is so all of their foliage can have its time basking in the sunlight. Fiddle Leafs tend to reach towards their light source as they grow, so turning them can help keep them growing straight and tall instead of at an angle.

Pruning your Fig will help encourage its growth. If you start to notice and overgrowth or old, damaged leaves, cut them off at least 3-4cm away from the main trunk. If you’ve been keeping your baby nice and healthy, you may notice two branches sprout from the site of the cutting.

To propagate simply find a sturdy branch that has a few healthy leaves attached. Cut directly above where it connects with the tree (the node). Place the branch in water and you should notice it starts sprouting roots in a few weeks. Then you can plant it and start the circle of life all over again!

So, do you think you’re ready to become a plant parent to one of these delightful little (or not so little) babies? You can do it! You just need a little time and a little love in order to raise a beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig.

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