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How the Republic has Grown

The Green Republic was established in 2019 by long-time plant enthusiast Angela.
She got it from her mama! Her love of plants, that is. Angela’s love of plants blossomed as she got older but growing a career in health management didn’t allow her the time she needed to search nurseries for those elusive plants – the unicorns – that she yearned to add to her growing collection.
She turned to ordering plants online, but soon found that the delivery process was hit and miss with little to no effort in keeping her plant babies alive and undamaged.
As every plant lover knows, it’s heartbreaking to lose a plant and not know how to nurture it back to health.
Given this, Angela gave up on having plants delivered and decided to build her own business to cater to time-poor people like her. She was well aware of and took a particular interest in the urban indoor plant movement. Taking aspects of this movement and transforming them to suit her business needs, she formed The Green Republic.
The vision was a cool pop up shop one weekend one location, live music, fresh coffee, local food, and as the evening rolled around fresh cocktails and of course plants to be shopped and loved.
However, COVID19 hit the Australian shores and put a hold on the face to face events wit’s border closures and limited numbers in a venue (for the time being).
So Angela with a growing number of plants bulging out the greenhouse, had to quickly adapt with all these changes.
The Green Republic online pop up shop was introduced for the public to shop from the comfort of home and be delivered by a specialty Green Courier who takes pride and care of your babies like their own.
When she’s not spending time sourcing weird and wonderful plants for The Green Republic, Angela is spending time with her gorgeous rescue pets - Sita and Taj (kitties) and Duke (pictured above) and Baci (puppas). She’s an animal lover at heart so there is a range of plants she sells through the Green Republic focussed on being animal friendly to cater to people who love animals just as much as she does.
Angela, her fur babies and the team at The Green Republic can’t wait to help you build your perfect plant family!
She always loves getting emails from fellow plant and pet lovers and you can contact her at