New Year New Plants - Green Up Your Life!


Let us help answer some of your questions

1.  Why online and not face to face?
The plan was initially face to face pop up shops but with COVID 19 causing border closures, limiting capacity in venues and the overall health concerns, it has delayed that plan so we decided the pops up must go on so changed the format slightly.  Hopefully in 2021 we will be hosting pop up sales in person! Stay tuned!
2.  Where do you deliver?
Australia wide - except Quarantine States - WA, Tas and NT.
SEQ and Northern NSW is delivered by our courier The Green Courier.
Everywhere else in Australia is Express Post by Australia Post.
3. How will I know when my delivery is coming?
SEQ & Northern NSW - When your order is loaded up with the Green Courier you will get an SMS.  Then when it has been delivered you will get a SMS as well, so you know your babies have been delivered safe and sound.
Rest of Australia - When your order is packed you will get an email from both us and Australia Post with your tracking number to follow the journey of your new plant family members.
4. Can you source me a plant that is not in the sale?
Yes send us a email to and we will see if we can help.
5. I have some unhappy plants from way back when before the Green Republic, can you help?
Yes we have a resident green expert, send him a message and he will help you where he can!
6. What if I am not home when you are delivering?
If you think you might be out for the day, please leave notes as to where you would like your babies left, or our Green Courier will leave where they think is safe and as part of your confirmation SMS you will be told where your babies are.

7. How will my plant arrive?

Our number one priority is that our plants arrive in happy, healthy condition. Some of our plants ship directly potted in their nursery growers pot – while some will come bare rooted wrapped in spagh moss. 

8. Why do some plants ship differently?

If coming by plant mail - You never know what adventures a plant can get into making its way to your home! Most of our large and medium plants ship in moss and taped to allow for a safe and comfy ride all the way to your doorstep.

Most of our younger, fragile and x-small plants ship directly in their growers pots; they don’t seem to mind and we take extra precautions here. Allowing the smaller or fragile plants to stay in their original pot while being shipped helps reduce the risk of stress and shock that could happen if they were to be placed in a new pot before leaving the greenhouse. 

9. Do I have to repot my plant once it arrives?

The short answer is for ones in growers pots, no. First, let your plant acclimate to its new environment. Place the plant in the spot you plan to keep it in. Let it settle in for about two weeks.

After two weeks, your plant has adjusted - your home’s light levels and temperature differ from a greenhouse! - and you can pot it into its ceramic planter, if you choose.

For some, the mantra ‘plant care is self care’ means the convenience of leaving it in the nursery grow pot and for others, it may mean getting your hands dirty to repot. Do what works best for you! Do not be afraid to try different methods for different plants.

If your plant family member comes in spagh moss- yes you need to pot.  You will receive a care card and soil recommendation with your order.

10. My plant looks weary when it arrived, what do I do?

Live plants like people do get a bit tired in travel. 

We recommend each plant is given a big drink and a Seasol or plant food to give your new plant family member a much needed boost.

11. Why does my plant look different from the website?

Live plants will have variations in color, texture, finish, and size. While we make every effort to display our potted plants as accurately as possible, there may be subtle differences from what is displayed online.

12. My order arrived damaged what do I do?

Every plant is fragile and the shipping process is not always kind (or easy). Most of the time we get it right, but sometimes we don’t. When that happens, we fix it – be it a damaged plant or pot due to shipping carrier mishandling. Please inspect your package when you receive your delivery. Should your order arrive damaged, please fill out our contact form (will come with your dispatch email -  make sure to include a photo) and we’ll get back to you in two business days. The form ensures we have what’s needed to help you as soon as possible! 

In the unlikely event a plant is received dead on arrival, it will always be replaced or refunded.

13. When can I expect my order to ship?

If coming by plant mail - All orders will be express posted on Monday and Tuesdays to minimise the time your plant family will be in the mail.   Once each package is out the door, you’ll automatically receive tracking information so you can keep an eye out for it. Once in transit, packages take 1-3 business days to arrive.

If coming by the Green Courier - All orders start despatching the following week and you will get an email when on board for delivery.

14. What if I need to change my order?

If you need to make a change to your order please email us as soon as possible. We process orders quickly but will do our best to address your request. 

15. What are your shipping rates?

As you can imagine, a lot goes into ensuring happy, healthy plants arrive at your door!  

– Orders between $10–$200: $20 flat shipping fee
– Orders over $200: FREE SHIPPING

The Green Republic is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. Most packages ship via Australia Post, who we've partnered with to ensure carbon neutral shipping. This means we (not you!) pay an extra fee to offset 100% of our shipments with Australia Post.

16. What is your return policy?

Every plant is fragile and the shipping process is not always kind (or easy). Most of the time we get it right, but sometimes we don't. When that happens, we fix it — be it a damaged plant or pot due to shipping carrier mishandling — with the ultimate objective of making our customers happy. If you're not happy with your recent purchase, please fill out our contact form (will come with your dispatch email) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The form ensures we have what’s needed