Let us help answer some of your questions

1.  Why online and not face to face?
The plan was initially face to face pop up shops but with COVID 19 causing border closures, limiting capacity in venues and the overall health concerns, it has delayed that plan so we decided the pops up must go on so changed the format slightly.
2.  Where do you deliver?
We do one region at a time and the delivery areas are within 50kms of that area. 
3. How will I know when my delivery is coming?
When your order is loaded up with the Green Courier you will get an SMS.  Then when it has been delivered you will get a SMS as well, so you know your babies have been delivered safe and sound.
4. Can you source me a plant that is not in the sale?
Yes send us a email to hello@thegreenrepublic.com.au and we will see if we can help.
5. I have some unhappy plants from way back, can you help?
Yes we have a resident green expert, send him a message greenie@thegreenrepublic.com.au and he will help you where he can!
6. What happens if my plants are not happy when they arrive?
If you are not happy in any way with your plants, we offer refunds! You have 48 hours from the delivery to raise the concerns with us.  Just send us an email at logistics@thegreenrepublic.com.au
7. Can I collect my plants if I live outside the 50kms?
You can, just drop us a message and we will organise for you!
8. What if I am not home when you are delivering?
If you think you might be out for the day, please leave notes as to where you would like your babies left, or our Green Courier will leave where they think is safe and as part of your confirmation SMS you will be told where your babies are.